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What To Consider When Selecting A Men's Hooded Sun Shirt

Sun shirts are becoming more and more popular — and for good reason. These shirts block the sun's harmful rays so that you don't end up with a sunburn. Over time, they also help reduce your risk of skin cancer due to exposure to the sun's UV rays. But what should you look for when choosing a men's hooded sun shirt? Here are the key factors to consider.

What UPF does the shirt offer?

UPF is the term used to note just how much sun protection fabric or an article of clothing offers. The initials stand for "Ultraviolet Protection Factor." It's the equivalent of SPF in sunscreen and beauty products. The higher the UPF, the more sun protection a shirt offers. If you live in a sunny, hot area, then you will likely want a shirt with a higher UPF, such as 50. If you're in a less sunny area, then a slightly lower UPF like 30 is probably adequate. There are a number of factors that affect the UPF a shirt will have including the material it is made from, the color of the shirt, and how thick the material is.

Does the shirt have long or short sleeves?

Many people choose long-sleeved sun shirts by default, and this makes sense. If you're wearing a shirt to protect yourself from the sun, why not protect your whole arms in the process? There are, however, some cases in which you might want a short-sleeved shirt. If you plan on doing something like gardening and know your arms will be shaded by the rest of your body as you're hunched down, then a short-sleeved shirt may be okay.

Will the hood stay up?

A hooded sun shirt is generally the best option as it offers protection for the back of your neck and the top of your head in the sun. But before buying a hooded sun shirt, make sure it is one that has a hood that will stay up. You want an ample-sized hood, not a small one. Ideally, you want the hood to have some sort of elastic across the front so it does not just slide off your head.

If you consider the elements above when selecting a hooded sun shirt, you should end up with one that fully suits your needs. Pay attention to the UPF, the sleeve length, and the way the hood is structured.