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Assess These Details When Shopping For A Double Stroller

If you have two young children, buying a double stroller will likely be on your list of priorities. This device will make it easy for you to travel with both children, whether you're taking a walk to the park or visiting a local shopping mall. There are lots of different double strollers on the market, so you'll have many products to evaluate as you look for the right one. As you check out different models, you'll want to look at a number of details — and then choose the stroller that will work best for you. Here are three important details to keep in mind as you shop.

Size When Folded

When you're not pushing your children in the double stroller, you'll often want to keep it folded up. Folding it will be important when you travel with it in your vehicle — especially if your vehicle is small — and you may also favor folding it so that it doesn't take up as much space in your garage. Some strollers fold down into a smaller unit than others. When you look at different products online, you'll be able to see the dimensions of each when it's folded. Choosing something that becomes as compact as possible can often be ideal.

Storage Space

While you'll obviously want to carefully assess the two seats in any double stroller that you look at, you'll also want to check out how much storage space each model has. When you're traveling with two young children, you'll usually have a lot of things to take with you. For example, you might have a diaper bag, snacks, toys, spare clothing, and more. You'll want to have a stroller that provides you with enough storage space to carry these items, rather than having to keep them in a bag that you wear on your body. Lots of double strollers have ample space at the rear of the seats, which ensures that your items are within easy reach.

Total Weight

You should also check the total weight of a few different strollers. While a heavier weight can often indicate that the stroller is more robust, you likely don't want to choose a model that is too heavy. Something that is moderate is weight will be easier to load in and out of your vehicle and push up ramps that you encounter when you're out with your kids.

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