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Are You Planning A Special Business Meeting For The Executives In Your Company?

Are you in a leadership position in your company? Perhaps you are the owner or the president. No matter what your title is, are you planning a special business meeting where other executives in your company will be in attendance? If so, you more than likely have already planned the agenda of things that need to be discussed.

However, you might be fine-tuning your day. Is it an all-day meeting? If so, obviously you'll want to feed those who attend the meeting. From planning food that will be served to the purchase of executive gifts, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Food

Consider the fact that some of those who come to the meeting will not have had breakfast or that they will have just grabbed a cup of coffee or a glass of juice as they headed out the door. With that in mind, consider having a self-serve buffet of breakfast items. Besides hot coffee and different fruit juices, it might be perfect to have individual yogurts, fresh fruit, and different types of breakfast pastries. 

Think of having something simple for the lunch break. For example, sack lunches with a sandwich, a fruit cup, and a brownie would probably be very well-received. Or, have pizza delivered if you want a hot meal. Will there be a formal-type seated dinner at the end of your all-day meeting? If so, consider having it catered. The caterer will have suggestions of foods that have been popular at other dinners they have catered.

The Gifts

Since this is a special business meeting, don't you think it would be nice to give each executive who attends the meeting a gift? Doing so will show your appreciation for the hard work that each person has done to add to the success of your company. The gifts will also more than likely be an incentive for greater dedication to future work.

Of course, the kind of executive gift you select will depend largely on how much money you want to spend on the gifts. Since these gifts are for executives, you'll want to make them extra nice, won't you? For example, a pen and pencil set of excellent quality would be one good idea. Or, a beautiful wooden cutting board with a fine knife is another idea. Even though most of the attendees will probably have watches, a desk clock would be a good gift. If you want to spend less money, consider buying each executive an insulated tumbler.

No matter the gift, think of including a handwritten note of appreciation with the executive gifts.