Choosing Tasteful Accessories

Gearing Up For Running In Winter: How To Dress For The Weather

Avid runners don't just stop running because the weather gets cold. Dressing for the weather, however, can be tricky. You don't want to wear clothing that impedes your ability to move, but you also want to maintain an ideal body temperature. Finding the right combination of layers can be essential for comfort and safety during cold winter weather. Here are some additions to your runner's wardrobe that can help you stay ready for your daily workout.

Performance Shirts

Long-sleeved performance shirts provide a great base layer for your cold-weather outfits. Look for moisture-wicking designs that will keep sweat away while you run. This is essential for keeping your body temperature up, as sweat can quickly become cold in winter weather. Performance tees that wick the moisture away help you stay warm and dry. Look for shirts with hooks for your thumbs to keep the sleeves in the proper position as you run or stretch.

Thermal Running Pants

Thermal running pants typically have a thicker material or a lining to keep you warm as you run. The pants you choose should still be relatively form-fitting to allow for freedom of movement. However, a slightly relaxed fit in a pair of joggers can help circulate warmth while still letting you hit your stride. You can also pair these with traditional leggings if you feel the need to put on extra layers on extremely cold days.

Pullover Windbreaker

A pullover windbreaker offers an ideal outer layer for your performance top. Look for a fleece fabric or a heavy cotton to provide warmth, or opt for a mesh pullover to provide greater air circulation when you run. Some windbreakers feature cable management systems so that you can wire your headphones inside the jacket. This helps keep your headphones in place without exposing the cables to extreme cold.

Neck Wrap

Keeping your neck covered can be a challenge when running. Zippered pullovers can be irritating on the skin, particularly when they are crafted from metal, and the collars don't always extend far enough up to keep your neck warm. A neck wrap designed specifically for runners offers the added layer you need without the cumbersome qualities of a winter scarf. Pair your neck wrap with a face shield or choose a wrap that can extend over the mouth to keep your face warm.

In addition to these items, you'll also want to choose a hat and gloves for runs on cold days. Moisture-wicking socks can also be a great addition to your winter runner's ensemble. Visit your local sporting goods store for more inspiration, and choose long-sleeve performance shirts to keep you running all winter long.