Choosing Tasteful Accessories

Belts And Buckles: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Wearing a belt not only keeps your pants in place but it can serve to make your silhouette longer and leaner, too. Make sure that you add a belt or two to your current closet, and online boutiques and ladies' shops may offer some distinctive styles that are cohesive with your wardrobe. Consider your current clothing and what you like to wear, and choose belts that will integrate and redux your favorite ensembles.

Some things to think about when shopping for belts are:

Select the right size. There is some confusion about how to buy the right size when shopping for belts. Go ahead and buy the same waist-size that you would for pants or jeans, and choose a width that won't tear the loops of your favorite trousers. Make sure that the belt you pick allows you to pull at least a couple inches of belt through the buckle when you wear it.

Choose the best color. It may be tempting to by some crazy colors and trendy styles when shopping for accessories. Try to avoid the temptation--at least until you have added a couple of classic, neutral belts to your wardrobe.

Go for quality. Don't spend your money on belts made from anything less than quality materials. Leather is a natural, long-lasting choice, but if you prefer vegan-friendly options, choose heavy-duty cotton canvas. If you plan to wear the belt regularly, you will want a durable belt that is made with attention to details, like stitching, for an accessory that you can wear for years.

Think about versatility. Consider versatility when making buying decisions, including reversible styles or those that allow you to change out the buckle. This will enhance your current clothes and provide you with a chance to create new outfits by simply adding a different belted look.

Invest in some buckles and bling. One fun thing about belts is that you the vast array of buckle options available to buyers. From bling to novelties, you can really accentuate and adorn a look with a cool or cute buckle. Consider buying buckles like jewelry--you can never have too many!

Make sure to shop for belts each season, just as you would for apparel and shoes. A great belt is timeless, and should last for years if you buy classic styles made with quality in mind. Use these tips to find the perfect belts to add to your wardrobe, and to give you a more flattering figure in your favorite clothing! Check out shops like Infinite Society for more ideas.