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Tips For Selecting And Using Prosthetic Breasts After A Double Mastectomy

If you are having a double mastectomy and have decided that reconstructive surgery isn't something that you want to do, then you will be pleased to learn that you have the choice of wearing prosthetic breasts. Prosthetic breasts are custom fit for your body and look very natural when you wear them. However, there are some special considerations you should take into consideration while selecting and wearing your prosthetic breasts, including the following:

Tip: Obtain Your Prosthetic Breasts and Bras from the Same Lingerie Store

To get your prosthetic breasts, you will be instructed by your doctor and insurance company to visit a specific lingerie shop. You can expect that getting prosthetics is similar to being fitted for a bra. The fitting professional will measure your chest size and suggest prosthetics and bras you can try on to see how they look and feel. Once you find the right prosthetics and bras, the shop's seamstress can sew pockets into the inside of the bra cups to hold your prosthetics if they are not post-mastectomy specific bra styles. Since this is generally a necessary step, you should always purchase your mastectomy prosthetics and bras from the same store. The store will keep a record of your past purchases, and this will be very helpful when you need to buy replacements.

Tip: Always Buy Mastectomy Prosthetics with Manufacturer Warranties

When you select your post-mastectomy prosthetics and bras, make sure that they each come with a quality manufacturer warranty. Since breast forms can become damaged and sometimes have manufacturer defects just like any other product, it is important that you have warranty coverage from the manufacturer if you need a replacement.

Tip: Obtain Sports Prosthetics if You Spend Time Outdoors or Swimming

If you like to spend time swimming or exercising outdoors, then you can be fitted for special sports-style breast prosthetics to wear during these activities. This type of mastectomy prosthetic can get wet without damage and will hold its shape when it is wet. 

Tip: Choose Clothing with Higher Necklines

Finally, when you are wearing mastectomy prosthetics after your double mastectomy, you will need to slightly alter your wardrobe. Since you do not want your prosthetic breasts to show, you need to choose clothes with higher necklines. Thankfully, as long as you avoid plunging necklines and revealing swimsuits, you can wear any other fairly modest clothing and it will look fabulous and natural.