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Specific Occasions In Which An Engraved Combat Knife Makes A Perfect Gift

A combat knife can make a perfect gift for a member of your family or a close friend for virtually any occasion, but if you take the time to have the blade engraved, it increases the special nature of this gift significantly. Whether you opt for a traditional-styled combat knife with a partially serrated edge or look for something more modern, you can take this weapon to an engraving shop and have the engraver put a custom message along the blade. The recipient can then display the knife in his or her home as a decor item or even use it outdoors. Here are some specific occasions to consider this gift.

Receipt Of Hunting License

In many families, when a young person receives his or her hunting license, it's a rite of passage. An engraved combat knife with the person's name and date of the occasion is an ideal gift for this occasion. Many hunters carrying combat-style knives on the hunt, so the recipient may choose to carry the knife in a sheath while in the woods or may simply opt to display the piece at home. You can predict which approach the person might take and buy a knife accordingly. For example, if you suspect the person may display the knife, opt for a knife that has enhanced visual appeal.

Graduation From ROTC

If a young person in your life has just graduated from a Reserve Officers' Training Corps program, an engraved combat knife is a perfect gift. Find a knife that the person will want to display with pride, as he or she won't likely be wearing the knife in uniform. You can then have the blade engraved with the person's name, the date of the graduation, and perhaps a motivational slogan or a simple message of congratulations. If the person serves in the military and earns medals, the knife can sit on display with the medals in the person's home.

Retirement From The Armed Forces

Retiring from the armed forces is a big moment in a person's life, and your gift of an engraved combat knife can make the retirement party more special. Make sure that your engraving includes the person's name and rank, armed forces division, date of retirement, and any other relevant information that you wish to include. Space permitting, the blade can also feature a message of congratulations or a message of appreciation for the person's service to the country.