Choosing Tasteful Accessories

Must-Have Foot Care Products For The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

Having a professional pedicure is relaxing and leaves your feet feeling their best, however, these services can be expensive. Instead, ladies can take advantage of a few inexpensive foot care products to perform their own pedicures at home. In fact, you can even invite a few friends over and turn it in to a fun spa day. 

Foot Tub

Begin your pedicure by soaking your feet in a foot tub. There are many versions to choose from. Pick up a simple tub that offers enough room to soak both of your feet at the same time, or opt for a tub with bubbles and acupressure attachments. After the soak your feet will be clean and soft and ready for the next step. 

Mineral Foot Soak

Adding a mineral foot soak to your tub is an excellent idea when performing an at-home pedicure. Not only will the product add to the health of your feet, but the aroma is also quite therapeutic. It will make you feel as if you are in a real spa. This product is also recommended if you suffer any soreness from a long day at work. 

Foot File

Foot files come in both manual and electronic form. Some are stationary, while others have rolling heads. These handy must-have devices work to remove dead skin cells, as well as calluses. You simply run them over the bottom of your feet and watch as the tough hard skin is swept away, revealing the soft healthy skin underneath. 

Shea Butter Foot Cream

Once you have removed all the hard skin, you'll be ready to moisturize your feet with a shea butter foot cream. Traditional lotions are not pH balanced for your feet, and a foot cream with shea butter offers the benefits of vitamins A and E, as well as beneficial fatty acids that nourish the skin. 

Cuticle Softener

Place a drop of cuticle softener over each toe's cuticle and let it sit for a total of two minutes. Once the product has done its job, you'll find pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher is a cinch. You can then leave your cuticles alone, or opt to remove them with a cuticle nipper. 

Toenail Clippers and a Nail File

The final step in the perfect pedicure is to clip your toenails with a set of nail clippers and then shape them with a nail file. If your nails aren't too long, you can simply skip the clippers and file them down to your desired length. 

Although your at-home pedicure is complete after this step, you may wish to add some color to your toes. Consider taking a few more minutes to select a colorful nail polish and paint it on before finishing up your spa party. Talk to a foot product supplier, like Virginia Shoe Clinic, for help.