Choosing Tasteful Accessories

How To Dress For Your First Yoga Session

If just enrolled in yoga classes, you are most likely excited about the exercise and personal well-being you will soon be experiencing. Many people enjoy taking yoga classes as a means of relaxation. Wearing the right clothing can make an impact on your overall experience. If you are a bit apprehensive about how to dress for your first class, read the following tips so you remain comfortable and fit right in with experienced attendees.

Keep Your Movement In Mind When Selecting Clothing

When selecting clothing to wear to your yoga session, you want to find pieces that do not cause you worry as you are doing your movements. If you are constantly tugging at clothing to keep it from slipping away from your body, it will become annoying throughout your session. Many find that form-fitting yoga clothing works best. Leggings will cling to your legs, making you aware of your movements without feeling material sliding or drooping during your activities. A form-fitting shirt without elastic, ties, or straps will also keep you covered without restricting your movements in any way. 

Blend In With Other Members When Starting

It is best to wear solid colors to avoid distracting others in the class. This will also allow you the freedom to mix and match pieces with ease. Try not to wear clothing that is too revealing as this can be a distraction to others as well. Consider peeking in on a yoga class to see what others are wearing before you start your own session. This will give you a feel for the style of the others that are involved in yoga in your area. This will allow you to select similar pieces so you will blend in with your classmates on your first day instead of standing out, making you feel anxious if others watch you as you try to learn the movements you are taught.

Layer Clothing To Handle All Temperatures

It is best to wear a few layers of clothing especially during cooler weather or if air conditioning is used in your classroom. Since you will not know what the temperature will be for your first session, be prepared by wearing or bringing along an extra layer in case you feel cool. Yoga pants can be worn over a pair of form-fitting leggings and can be taken off if necessary. Shirts made from a cotton-blend material will help keep you cool and the fabric helps keep perspiration at a minimum. Double up by wearing a tank top and form-fitting shirt to give you the versatility to adapt to the temperature in your classroom.

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