Choosing Tasteful Accessories

Host A Country Jamboree On Your Small Farm

If you own a small farm and would like to celebrate the success of your endeavors, including the growth of crops that have been picked and the health of your livestock, plan a country jamboree to spend time with your closest allies and family members. The following tips will help you host an event that will be entertaining to all who attend.

Dress The Part And Show Off Your Livestock

Purchase a custom cowboy hat and country clothing and boots that enhance it so that you look like a true cowboy or cowgirl. Custom clothing and accessories will fit you perfectly and give you a well-polished appearance. Have shiny embellishments added to the hat and clothing to further complement each piece. The clothing items can be worn after the event, as well, making them a wise investment to make. 

Designate a wide open area for your guests to sit in when they arrive. Ride your favorite horse or lead in one of your prized cows or pigs to greet your guests in a unique manner. Once the party gets started, showcase each of your animals by describing their importance on your farm. If you are knowledgeable about wrangling livestock, consider showing off your talents during this time.

Provide Entertainment

Rent an inflatable bull ride for you and your attendees to use to compete against each other throughout the event. Connect a flatbed trailer to a tractor and place bales of hay on the trailer for guests to sit on as they are transported around your property. Hire a local country band to sing songs while the festivities are taking place. If any of your guests would like to dance while the performance is being held, arrange a couple large pieces of plywood on the ground for them to use as a dance floor.

Serve Guests Food In A Laid Back Atmosphere

Arrange platters of food across a long table that is set up underneath a canopy. Use the crops that you have grown on your farm to assist with preparing dishes. Provide plenty of stools or lounge chairs for people to sit on. Lay out some large blankets on the ground for some of the guests to sit on if they would prefer to. Welcome attendees to eat as much as they would like.

After the meal is over, play some soft music while everyone relaxes or sit down with your friends and family while sharing stories about your farm and listening to stories that some of the others have to share about their lives.

After carefully planning the clothing that you wear, the entertainment that is offered, and the meal that is served, the jamboree will most likely be a success and everyone who attends will enjoy themselves.