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How To Be Successful In Selling Jewelry

Have you recently started your own business in jewelry sales? Of course, this type of business is not new at all. You've surely been to friends' homes where jewelry was sold and the hostess earned free jewelry from the sales that were made. Since you're just starting your venture, here are some ideas that might help you become very successful .

Don't Eat Humble Pie - You wouldn't have started selling your line of jewelry if you didn't love it yourself. Therefore, as you seek people to host jewelry parties for you, be very excited about your line of jewelry. Tell your friends, family members and other acquaintances that the jewelry you sell is so beautiful that they'll be wanting to host parties of their own, just so they can get jewelry free. Show off your jewelry every time you leave your home. Wear the jewelry everywhere you go, and wear it in ways other people wouldn't have thought of wearing it. For example, if you're wearing your hair in a sophisticated twist, enhance it with earrings or a broach from your collection.  Wear a bracelet on your ankle or a necklace as a bracelet. If you have clip earrings in your line, attach them to the top of your boots to show people that they give the boots a more elegant look.

Be Creative At The Party - Present the jewelry pieces in different ways. Of course, you'll already have some of it set out on a display table, but also include it in a game. For example, tell the guests that there is a prize for the person who finds jewelry that you have hidden in the party room. Don't hide it too well, as that will take up too much time. Everybody will be excited to find each piece and will bring it back to the group. At that time, talk about each piece that has been found and show the different ways it can be worn. Another idea is to ask guests to select a piece of jewelry that they want to wear right when they walk in the front door. After everybody has arrived, have each person tell why they selected that piece and tell how they would wear it if it was actually theirs.  Those pieces are as good as sold! 

Every now and then have your own house party, and make it a very festive affair. Invite everybody you can think of and tell them that there will be incredible food and fancy drinks. Also, let them know that the jewelry will be sold at a discounted price. If you have customers who have previously bought a lot of the jewelry or who have been especially supportive, give them each a special piece of jewelry. 

For more information and ideas, consider talking with another jewelry business consultant