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3 Denim Fabrics That Aren't Cotton But Are Definitely Worth Adding To Your Collection

While the dictionary definition of denim may state that denim needs to be entirely made from cotton, the truth is that there are a number of fabrics that can be considered denim yet are made from totally different materials. Especially for a denim connoisseur, if you want to wear your denim year round in any situation, you're going to need to incorporate more basic fabrics than simple cotton twill. To solve this issue and make you as comfortable as possible in your denim no matter what life or Mother Nature throws at you, here are three alternatives to all cotton denim that will do the job. 

Linen Denim

For the summer months, linen has been a staple of clothing for thousands of years. This is because linen breathes extremely well and puckers a little bit to keep air flowing around your legs, keeping you cool. All-linen denim will keep you coolest and be extremely lightweight, but a linen-cotton blend will also do the trick without sacrificing the strength and durability of an all-cotton pair of jeans or denim jacket. 

Silk Blend Denim

If linen denim keeps you cool, then silk denim keeps you comfortable in any situation. Often touted as an alternative to the surging popularity of stretch denim among "jeans freaks," silk denim is undoubtedly extremely soft and comfortable. If you want to make your silk blend jeans even more comfortable, look for options that have a brushed surface. Brushed cotton and silk jeans tease out the fibers of the denim in order to make them feel much softer than a pair of jeans that hasn't been treated similarly. This, combined with the added suppleness of a silk blend might just make the most comfortable pair of jeans you've ever put on. 

Kevlar Denim

It's no secret that motorcycle enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and all-around macho folk enjoy wearing denim, so it only makes sense that these groups would seek out the toughest denim they could find. When brushing past dense vegetation or trying to avoid a skinned knee after a fall off a motorcycle or ATV, weak, frayed denim simply won't do. To satisfy this desire for ruggedness, and potentially protect you from a serious case of roadburn or other injuries when out on the road or trail, a set of Kevlar jeans might be the answer. The same material that is used to make bulletproof vests can just as easily be blended into cotton or woven entirely into a pair of jeans to make the toughest set of pants you can find anywhere. 

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