Choosing Tasteful Accessories

Child Have A Love Of Horses? Tips To Get Them Started In This Sport

If your child loves horses, this does not mean you should run out and buy a horse from them. Instead, determine if this is something they are really serious about. If they are, below are some tips on getting them started in this sport.

Rent a Horse

To determine how much your child will like to ride horses, you can rent one. In order to do this, find a riding stable near your home. They will generally charge an hourly fee. How much this is depends on the stable. You can also choose to ride for a short time, such as one hour, or all day long. The stable should have different types of trails to ride the horses on, so you should be able to find a simple trail for your child.

Some stables will allow you to rent a horse much longer to take to your home, if you have the correct housing for one. Stables generally rent a riding helmet and saddle for your child also. They will help you choose the right horse breed for children.

Buy a Horse

If you and your child see they are serious about horse riding, it is time to buy them their own horse. Choose one of the horse breeds that was recommended for your child

You need to be careful when purchasing a horse. Do not purchase a horse from an auction, but instead from experienced riders. People selling horses post their ad on reputable websites. Do not purchase a very young horse, as they have not had time to be properly trained yet. Also chose a horse that is known to have a good temperament and is friendly. Take your child with you so you can see how they interact with each other.

Buy Accessories

Your child will need to have certain accessories to keep them safe and comfortable. Three of these accessories include:


A helmet is crucial, as it protects them if they fall of the horse. The helmet has to fit on your child's head correctly so it does not slip off while they are riding.


The pants they wear is also important. Breeches work well if your child will be wearing taller boots. Jodhpurs are riding pants that are shorter and work well for children that wear shorter riding boots. Both of these pants have a suede paneling to reduce chaffing on the legs. Chaps can also be worn over the jodhpurs or breeches for even more protection. For more information, contact Cool Equestrian or a similar company.


Riding gloves will protect your child's hands from friction burns and blister will they are holding onto the reins. When purchasing gloves, make sure they fit securely. There are also gloves made to be worn in the summer, and thicker gloves for the winter.

The most important thing you should do is to get your child riding lessons. This will ensure they know how to correctly ride their hose so they do not get injured.