Choosing Tasteful Accessories

A Mermaid Suit You Can Swim In

Dressing up as a mermaid is a fun idea until you think about actually trying to move through the water like a mermaid. Thus, you can't simply buy any swimming suit that looks like a mermaid tail, you have to actually look for one that has the right features to allow you to swim safely through the water. 

Waste Band

Any swimming suit can create drag as you are moving through the water. If you have too much drag, you can lose your suit with embarrassing results. When you increase the amount of fabric used in your suit, you also increase the amount of drag. Thus, when you buy a mermaid tail, you should look for one that has a hefty amount of elastic around the waistline. If you wear one that has a draw cord, it ruins the appearance of the swimsuit, but the right amount of elastic should be sufficient to keep your swimming suit firmly in place. 


Looking like a mermaid is all well and good, but pretend mermaids can't spend all their time in the water, which raises the question: what do you do when you have to move on land? Thus, if you buy a tail that has has no opening at the bottom, you will be left hopping from location to location on land. Even if you were okay with this mode of travel, you will still be exposing your suit to needless abrasion that would eventually make a hole in the suit. Thus, you should look for a suit that has an opening at the bottom for walking on land. 

The Swim Fin

From a functional standpoint, one of the best reasons to buy a mermaid tail is that you have a fin at the bottom that you can use for propulsion. However, not all mermaid swimming suits come with a functional fin. This may be a little bit of a personal choice. If you want something that only looks like a mermaid, then whether you have functional tail may be a non-issue. On the other hand, if you want something that allows you to move like a mermaid, you should look for a suit that has a swimming fin built into it. 

One final consideration is modesty. If you to want your child to swim around in a top that is nothing more than stylized seashells, or you yourself don't want to swim around in seashells, you still have many elegant tops to choose from. Basically, when you look for a mermaid swimming suit, know what you are looking for. See more online, such as at